Why Don’t I Talk About You Like You’re New?

I don’t talk about you like you’re new.

I used to gush about you

Couldn’t talk enough about you

Couldn’t get enough about you

All the things about you

That I loved

The way your hair curled just so

And your hands worked, like whoa

The way your eyes twinkled and I’d know

There was something there for me

Something special you’d show just me

A little private thing I’d see

If I just let you in

You hung on so tight

So much wrong that you made right

Yet I stopped talking about you like you’re new

I stopped noticing the things you do

That made me curl up into you

Life, it tidal waves around us

And I stopped reaching out for you

I just assume you’ll stay beside me

That you’ll remember the things inside me

That first made you want to light me

Up from inside out

But I can’t shake this secret doubt

That maybe I’m the one without

The courage to seek out

The riddle’s answer true

Why don’t I talk about you

Like you’re new?

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