Residency – Week of 4/9/18

My Artist Residency in Motherhood is not only about the things I create. But also about changing my mindset.

It’s about not thinking that having children means I don’t have needs that also matter. Not thinking that I have to always set aside the things that feed my soul.

Each week I track the things I do and work on that I count as part of my residency. This week included the following:

  • Adjusting my goals. I planned out goals for the next three months and had to adjust them a bit. I think I aimed too big at first. I’m currently focused on continuing to create each day, posting more, honoring a more consistent writing practice, applying for a local residency I’d love to get, as well as a few other manageable things.
  • Writing a post for an art project. I completed a story with my art that I plan to share (!) and wrote out a little something to post with it.
  • Lots of embroidery. I have been learning lots of new stitches and am incorporating them into an art piece I’ve planned. It’s been exciting to get started on that.
  • An art walk. Yesterday the tiny town I live in hosted an art walk which included a local gallery offering opportunities to try various art techniques. I got out for an hour on my own (thank fuck) and tried oil paints, gouache, casein (a milk-based paint), acrylic textures, as well as carving out my own stamp for print-making. (See photo above.)

I love looking back at each week and seeing progress. However small.

It’s good for my soul.


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