An Ode to Writers

You slit your wrists in front of me.

I watch all the heartache pour out. Your longing, thick and coagulated, smearing the page with a copper-scented honesty that stings the back of my throat.

You open your jugular with a pen.

Pain the color of clots and ink, dense and seeping down my screen. Your sadness an acidic burn that sears my eyes.

You gut yourself alive.

Opening up the softest parts of yourself and allowing them to shimmer out of the darkness and into the light of day. Your wants, your needs, left exposed and unprotected.

Then, oh then, you lie back and spread your legs for me.

Sharing with me every secret desire. Every drop of fluid and all the intimacy that led to it. I watch you swipe a finger through the mess and hold it up to the light.

Here,” you whisper, “Have a taste.”

Perfect In Our Descent

Perfect In Our Descent - Photo by allisonwrites
Perfect In Our Descent – Photo by allisonwrites



Every promise of wonder.

Each moment a possibility.

Each of us perfect in our descent.


Into upturned faces, bright and true.

Laughter that glitters as it sounds.

All of us reborn on the journey.

The magic is all in the falling

Before the shine dulls
And the sparkle fades
Before we shove, and are shoved, aside
Before the dirt settles

Catch a snowflake now and then

If only to recall
The singular magic
That happened during the fall

Faith For The Faithless

I believe in miracles

How miraculous

That you and found us
All the ones before just faceless names
A collection of failed dreams
Sand through a sieve
Leaving two gems to clink together
Until our rough parts smoothed
And soothed
Each other

How miraculous

Where once was nothing
Now there’s them
Born of stardust dreams
And nights that floated by on hope
Their wails bending our wills
Their tiny mewls breaking our hearts
We alone
Wrought them

How miraculous

Your soul called to mine
Kindred spirits through the crowds
Laughs that stitch together
Becoming comet trails through the skies
The miles separate us
The stars wink at our antics
The ether
Our playground
How miraculous
To believe in the miracle of mankind