She Won’t Fall Away

Slivers of heartbreak slide down her cheeks
Her breath stutters
Caught in the turnstile of her emotions
She circles through the blackness
Arms outstretched
Hands open

She seeks strength she forgot she possessed
Waiting to be conjured
Trapped beneath the corners of her soul
It calls to her
Begs of her strength
And waits

She’ll be the one to rise anew
Wrought with a new understanding
And empathy
Her path paved with stones carved from pain
Echoes of solitude
Die in the silence behind her

Tears fight their way from her eyes
She won’t fall away into the dark
It’s how I love she whispers
And she clutches the phone
A voice
Whispers back, You’re not alone.

Dripping With Wishes

The rough skin of your hands
Sliding up my thighs
A rainstorm of kisses
Drowning every peak and valley
In heated sheets
Leaving steam rising from my skin

My hair wrapped through your knuckles
Silken and strained
Leashed by your power
Curving my back
Until your lips meet my ear
You like that, my little slut?

The sliding and pounding
Slapping of skin
You tease and I beg
Whimper and sigh beneath
Your tongue
Between your lips

Lust and love found
More so in the less frantic moments
The sounds of silence
Filled with our fragile hope
The desire we cling to
Drips with wishes for happiness

Everything That Could Be

It’s a song that aches
Or a movie that giggles
A lyric that stitches itself onto my heart
Or a chord that shreds my defenses
A poem somehow whispers our story
Or an anthem screams our end

It’s a leaf that floats by my window
Or a flower that brightens the kitchen
A lick of sweet and sweat
Or a beat we never missed
A taste that feeds my hunger
Or a laugh that fills your soul

It’s a hint of something special
A peek for just our eyes
A memory that won’t have a chance
A dream, fleeting as gossamer
A heartbeat that races me home
An hour that slows your day

It’s everywhere

It’s you
In everything
That isn’t ever you
But reminds me of
That could be


Why Don’t I Talk About You Like You’re New?

I don’t talk about you like you’re new.

I used to gush about you

Couldn’t talk enough about you

Couldn’t get enough about you

All the things about you

That I loved

The way your hair curled just so

And your hands worked, like whoa

The way your eyes twinkled and I’d know

There was something there for me

Something special you’d show just me

A little private thing I’d see

If I just let you in

You hung on so tight

So much wrong that you made right

Yet I stopped talking about you like you’re new

I stopped noticing the things you do

That made me curl up into you

Life, it tidal waves around us

And I stopped reaching out for you

I just assume you’ll stay beside me

That you’ll remember the things inside me

That first made you want to light me

Up from inside out

But I can’t shake this secret doubt

That maybe I’m the one without

The courage to seek out

The riddle’s answer true

Why don’t I talk about you

Like you’re new?

Washed Away With a Whisper


My skin crawls sometimes
A burning unease
Buzzing like tattoo needles
Etching in my sins
Just below the surface
Just out of sight from everyone else


Unsettled pacing
My hands pulling through my hair
My fingers pounding at the keys
Tears tightrope across my lashes
My soul aflame
My heart a kick drum rhythm


Play with me
I beg
And needy
Desperate for quiet

A quiet that hovers just out of reach

Just below the surface
Just out of sight from everyone else

A screaming specter only I can see

Threatening me

I can’t get free

Play with me
And when he does
I beg
And needy
Push me further
Make it hurt

Quiet the burning and buzzing
That you can’t hear
That you don’t see
Break me please

Make me free

And then
The quiet comes unexpectedly
Minus the pain
Before I ever beg

Sometimes it’s all washed away with a whisper

Make them sick with wanting to know what that feels like

For just a moment
Without a struggle
I’m set free


*inspired by the photo quote above – words of encouragement written to me from a friend.

Perfect In Our Descent

Perfect In Our Descent - Photo by allisonwrites
Perfect In Our Descent – Photo by allisonwrites



Every promise of wonder.

Each moment a possibility.

Each of us perfect in our descent.


Into upturned faces, bright and true.

Laughter that glitters as it sounds.

All of us reborn on the journey.

The magic is all in the falling

Before the shine dulls
And the sparkle fades
Before we shove, and are shoved, aside
Before the dirt settles

Catch a snowflake now and then

If only to recall
The singular magic
That happened during the fall

Faith For The Faithless

I believe in miracles

How miraculous

That you and found us
All the ones before just faceless names
A collection of failed dreams
Sand through a sieve
Leaving two gems to clink together
Until our rough parts smoothed
And soothed
Each other

How miraculous

Where once was nothing
Now there’s them
Born of stardust dreams
And nights that floated by on hope
Their wails bending our wills
Their tiny mewls breaking our hearts
We alone
Wrought them

How miraculous

Your soul called to mine
Kindred spirits through the crowds
Laughs that stitch together
Becoming comet trails through the skies
The miles separate us
The stars wink at our antics
The ether
Our playground
How miraculous
To believe in the miracle of mankind